How to Plan an Outdoor Event

how to plan an outdoor eventThe spring and summer months are obviously the best time to host outdoor events. From graduations, barbeques and weddings, to holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, there’s no shortage of opportunities to bring friends and family together. However, planning an outdoor party is no walk in the park or stroll on the beach. Between food, drinks, the venue and outdoor lighting Phoenix AZ decoration and installation services, you’ll likely need weeks, if not months, to get everything in place. But fear not, because you can learn how to plan an outdoor event by following a few easy steps.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Event

  1. Keep an Eye on the Weather

How to Plan an Outdoor EventWith all that goes into planning an outdoor event, keeping up to date on the latest forecast may get lost in the shuffle. However, staying abreast of the weather projections for your event may be the most important box on your checklist. After all, what good is planning an entire day or night if you and your guests can’t be outside?

Be sure to check the projected forecast at least 10 days in advance and monitor it on a daily basis. Also, be cognizant of yearly weather patterns, such as times with higher humidity or monsoon season. Keeping track of the weather is especially important for open-air outdoor events, such as golf tournaments or movie nights.

  1. Ensure Everyone Will Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is always important, but it’s especially so during balmy spring and summer days. Make sure you have plenty of water to provide your guests for the duration of the event. This goes double if patrons will be plied with alcohol during the festivities. Outdoor water fountains are typically less than desirable, but you can get fresh, clean packs of bottles of water on the cheap at any grocery store.

  1. Get the Proper Permissions

Depending on where you plan to hold your outdoor event, you may need to receive the proper permits or permissions. Check with your local administrators to see what they require. You may need permits for the venue or structures, food, electricity, alcohol and any potential special effects. Any fees associated with the permits will be far less than you would have to spend on fines should you fail to do so.

  1. Keep Things Clean & Safe

how to plan an outdoor eventThe goal of any outdoor event is for everyone in attendance to have a good time. However, it’s also important to keep everything and everyone clean and safe. Before picking a venue for an event, conduct a thorough safety inspection. Also, make sure there are plenty of places for people to discard trash and use the restroom. You should also have first aid supplies on hand for the event. It’s always much better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Spread the Word

No matter your type of event, some sort of promotion will be involved. Luckily, spreading the word is easier than ever before with social media. You can use Facebook to set up a page entirely dedicated to your event. You can also use the page to invite guests and keep track of who will and will not be attending. You can also use any other social media medium, such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, to promote the event and celebrate it after it ends.